NMT Hand Sanitizer with moisturizer NMT Hand Sanitizer with moisturizer NMT Limited รับผลิตน้ำยา NMT Limited รับผลิตแชมพู NMT Limited NMT Limited โรงงานผลิตน้ำยา
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Welcome! We’re NMT Limited

         NMT, a subsidiary of Minor International Public Company Limited, is one of the largest retail, leisure and hospitality companies in the Asia Pacific Region. With its proven track record and many years of experience, NMT is regarded as an expert in the manufacturing of personal, pet, and car care products as well as products for the home.
         Throughout the past 30 years, NMT has been continuously building and expanding a strong network with major international and local customers, along with reinforcing employee development that has assisted in the innovation and continued growth of its high performance manufacturing of consumer products within the organization. As a subsidiary of Minor International PCL, NMT is committed to progress within its communities, enhancing a positive change to the environment and to its stakeholders.

NMT Limited

What We Do